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5 Tips To Transport Your Campervan

There are few things as exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling as embarking on a good ol' road trip. The approach to road trips has changed in recent years as more people now favor campervans over cars and rightly so. The convenience and 'home away from home' vibe that campervans offer is unmatched.

Whether you already own a campervan or just planning on getting one, you are going to have to deal with transporting/shipping your campervan at some point. It could be to ship your new campervan to your doorstep or transport an existing one to your new address during a move.

Many camping enthusiasts sometimes intend to embark on a cross-country tour on the opposite coast side. And if you are in this category, you'll need to get your RV to your starting point.

Some people start to get anxious at the thought of having to transport their campervans. But the truth is that it's not a big deal. With the right information, you won't have to worry or lose sleep about transporting your campervan to your desired location. Below, you'll find tips on how to transport your campervan efficiently. Here we go.

Prepare Your Campervan For Transport

The very first thing to do whenever you want to transport your campervan is to prepare it for transport. Of course, this applies to a campervan you already own as the supplier or transport company will have to do the same for a campervan you just ordered. And the essence of preparing the campervan is to ensure no component is damaged during transit.

Start by securing the latches on all windows, cabinets, and doors to ensure they don't open during transport. Any items hung on the walls should be taken down and put in the cabinet. Power and gas lines should be disconnected while all electronic appliances and devices should be turned off.

Inspect the campervan for any leakage and check fluid levels. Verify that parking brakes function properly and that all indicator lights are fully operational. Then, secure the tow bar and hitch and check the battery is charged and functioning properly. All these may seem like a lot but it's important you do them.

Choose A Reputable Transport Services

You'll need a professional transport company to get your camper to your destination safely. A quick search will reveal several transport companies, all claiming to provide smooth and hitch-free transport services but not all of them live up to their promise.

The key to choosing a reputable transport company is to do your due diligence. Start by looking into the shipping company's credentials and find customer reviews on independent/third-party sites like Google, Transport Reviews, and so on. You are more likely to find honest reviews on third-party sites as you should take reviews on any transport company's website with a grain of salt.

Request for the shipper's insurance policy and find out if they've transported campervans before. Any experienced shipping company like will entertain your questions and provide you with all the information you need.

Understand How Your Campervan Will Be Transported

There are different ways your campervan can be transported depending on distance and how fast you want your camper to reach its destination. Shipping companies can transport your camper on a large truck and flatbed trailer. Multiple campers will be loaded on the flatbed trailers and this method is usually used for long-distance transport. Another method involves hauling your campervan to its destination. The shipping company will tow your camper using special equipment and trucks.

Sometimes, the shipping company can simply dispatch a driver to transport your campervan to its destination. Of course, this method doesn't require any additional equipment.

Ultimately, the shipping company will tell you the various options available and the benefits and drawbacks of each option. If you intend to transport your camper cross-country or Internationally, you may have to exercise another transport option.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Camper Before And After Delivery

While a good shipping service will ensure that your camper arrives at your destination without any damages, you should still take steps to ensure you'll be aware of any damages that happen. Thoroughly inspect your campervan and take pictures of the interior and exterior. So, if anything happens to your camper, you'll have proof of it.

Most shipping companies take special care of any cargo in their possession. They know delivering products without damages is key to building a good reputation and expanding their customer base. But there's no harm in being extra careful and ensuring all is well with your precious campervan.

Understand The Cost Implications

The exact amount you'll pay for transporting your campervan depends on several factors such as the shipping company, size of the camper, distance, gas prices, and seasonal demands. Transport services tend to offer discounts the farther the delivery destination.

To have an idea of the cost implication, request a quote from the transport service you've chosen. While you can compare quotes from different services, you should put more weight on reviews and quality of service to be provided.

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