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Cornwall - Some of our stops

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Yes a real Cornish pasty & a Cream tea is always top of your list when visiting Cornwall, but we've got a few more things for you to try!

Wild camping

Cornwall has some great wild camping stops although more inland there are still some amazing views over the water.

Free Parking

Spoilt for some great views waterside free parking is dotted all over so never too far from where your heading, that's handy!


Our team have found 2 stops with EHU, one at the top & one at the bottom meaning North or South a hook up isn't a bother.

Free Pub stops

Where ever your planning to go when you visit Cornwall a pub stop wont be far! Bringing you traditional Cornish cooking and the most beautiful scenery, where else would you wanna be?

No longer accepting stops

Unfortunately The First & Last Inn is no longer accepting stop overs, we have updated this on our map to save disappointment

To access our full map including details on all listed above just sign up here

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