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Isle of Skye & Raasay - Our top 10

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

(Please note our map is updated continuously, more stops may be available on the live map)

Stunning views from Kinloch Campsite in Dunvegan great for seal watching

Stunning wild spot on Skye (57.101137, -5.947433)

Great wild stop by Cloich (57.106148, -5.985368)

One of my favourites, asleep on Mums knee at Tokavig beach ((57.131719, -5.972441)

A magical stay at Fairy Pools (57.250499, -6.272509)

Wild stop at lower Milovaig (57.455921, -6.747125)

Old man of Storr Car park, free parking alongside Storr trail (57.497658, -6.158862)

Free overnight parking at the start of Quiraing walking route (57.628204, -6.290382)

Amazing wild spot in Portree (57.692708, -6.303785)

Beautiful views from our over night stop An Carron Beach (57.636481, -6.204865)

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1 Comment

My mate owns Raasay Outdoor centre...we had a reunion there....I drove up in camper over a few days....cried when i left because it was so beautiful x

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