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Our live map - Whats included!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Most online maps will cover a certain genre either 'pub stops', 'wild spots' or 'Parking stops'. Well what a pain having to flick through them all when finding somewhere to stay for the night!

We have gone all out and included 18 different kinds of stops so you have the best way of finding a place to rest your head that suits you and your camping style!

Free Pub stop over

One of the most popular when looking for a stop. Pub stop overs are great for a last minute stop, a city stop or when you really don't want to cook! Each of our pub stops have the basic information you need to make your decision.

Wild stop over

Whether your a newbie or Ray Mears himself, in a tent or a camper wild stops are some of the most stunning places to visit. Especially great if wanting a campfire for the night. But remember to leave nothing but foot prints & memories behind!

Stop providing EHU

Weather your a wild camper or a campsite lover we all need electric hook up's now and then. Our map shows you where stops are available providing EHU, a lot of them free too!

Free stop in a Marina

Yes, they do exist and they are simply stunning, one of the huge perks of having a camper is the views you will get in places like these!

Lighthouse stop

With some of the most amazing views a lighthouse stop is a must, these stops are also free!


Driving for hours is great until...


We've located drinking water so when out and about you can top up, this is especially helpful when wild camping.


CDP (Chemical Disposal Point) for those travelling with a cassette, these points are safe for emptying.

Paid stop over

These are stops where there may be a charge a pub, car park ect.

Something to do

It can be hard finding something to do in an area you haven't visited before so we've picked out a few activities for you! We love to hear about activities you guys have found too!

Free Parking

Free parking spots are great for stopping over for the night or in some cases using during the day! They can be great for getting you a stop near attractions and more populated areas where you would usually resort to paying for a campsite! The locations of the free parking stops can be stunning as they are usually near a well sort after area.

LPG Filling stops

If you have an LPG bottle in your van, the dreaded moment when you realise its empty and you have no idea where to turn first to get to your nearest fill up can be a nightmare. We've pointed out plenty of stops on our map so that when this does happen you know where to go. Please be aware not all petrol stations will have LPG facilities however all stops on our map have been checked to ensure you aren't let down or waste hours driving around!

Recommended bars & Restaurants

When in a new area we all love to explore but sometimes you need a hand with finding somewhere to eat, drink & chill. Our teams personal recommendations will give you the hand you need!


Is that smell me or the cows!? Even the most die hard campers need a wash and a laundry day and although not free campsites are a great place to have a rest stop, so we have added these beauties in for you too! Great for when camping with kids and needing a few necessities at hand.

Must purchase a meal for a free stop over

Majority of pubs stop ask that you pop in for a token purchase but there are still some that require for you to have a meal to stay the night, you may not always need this option so we have pointed these out so you can base your choice around this factor.

Gold member full listing provided

These are venues that are real camper friendly and have provided us with full information on their place to stay. Each gold member has a full page write up including; About us, Facilities, Further information, Live 6 day weather forecast & Map locations. These places are great when picking a stop as you have all the info you need at your fingertips!

Very Important Parking the Campervan Bible has visited and reviewed this location

These locations are the cherries on top of our map! The clue is in the title that these are locations our team have checked out ourselves by spending an anonymous night here so along with all the great bits that gold members get these venues also have reviews from Tiny herself on the first hand overnight experience.

No longer accepting stop overs

Yes these guys are party poopers but unlike other maps we keep ours up to date with daily amendments. The last thing a camper wants is to drive miles to a certain stop to be told there is no room at the inn!


You can filter which type of stops you would like to see (this comes in handy when its a toilet stop your looking for!) Click here to learn how to use our filters.

Our team work extremely hard to make sure we can aid you in your camping experience. Even so we still LOVE to hear about stops you guys have found to share on our map for other members. Things change all the time so if there are any changes to our information that you get to before our team please let us know.

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