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Sierra's USA Tour - Turn a dream into reality

We just turned my dream into a reality!

50 National Parks in 115 days covering 23,925 miles and 42 American states.

When you have a big dream people will tell you, you can’t, you’ll come across hurdles…but really at the end of the day when you want something bad enough you make it happen regardless!

If you’re sitting on the fence about van life I couldn’t encourage you enough to just give it a go. This is our van Chance, she’s a 2007 sprinter and she’s truly the best thing we’ve ever owned. We’re on to the next adventure so sadly we only have the pleasure of owning her for 5 months but van life is in our blood now. The freedom, the access to nature and the simplicity living in a tiny home on wheels truly is magical.

Go do that thing you’ve been waiting to do!

Check out our photos on IG if you want to see lots of parks! @sierrapb

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