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The most beautiful places to pitch on the Isle of Jura & Islay

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

We've picked out some of the most stunning stops that you will want to visit!

Ship wrecked at Machir Bay (55.783136, -6.453779)

Little bridge stop, don't mind if we do! (55.837665, -6.085880)

A few minutes along the road but still holding that magnificent view (55.832140, -6.085998)

Awesome beach side parking on the East cost of Jura (56.028322, -5.769517)

Fancy a pint? Free overnight at The Jura Hotel

Perfect place to watch the sunrise on the east coast of Jura (55.860861, -5.939781)

Just look at those views at Bruichladdich (55.766070, -6.361421)

Want this morning view by Port Charlotte? (55.735313, -6.384592)

Beautiful waterside stop, perfect campfire pitch at Bridgend (55.783879, -6.287224)

Lush beach stop south Islay, plenty of flat space for parking (55.786576, -6.333977)

All stops in this article are featured on our map

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