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The Road Two Spoons

We are Jess, Marcus, Rory and Jeannie (The Road Two Spoons) We love to explore new

places out in the wild and so have always had a desire to travel and live long term in a van!

We have had vans for over 10 years now. Our first van was an ex plumbers VW T4 which we

did a self build conversion on, including insulation, carpeting a very basic electrical system and

what could potentially be described as a folding bed. After owning our T4 (Big Blue) for several

years we eventually upgraded to a more modern van, a Silver VW T5 (The Silver Dream). This

newer van provided us with some new found luxuries like aircon, electric windows and the ability to go up hills without dropping into 1st gear. Despite loving both of these vans we began to

struggle with space for anything more than a few days away at a time. We had the T5 fitted with

a pop top which certainly lended itself to a more airy and spacious feel but storage and

floorspace quickly became the issue. Travelling with 2 dogs and wanting the ability to bring

additional toys (sports equipment) on trips we soon began dreaming of a larger conversion.

Fast forward to the start of 2020 and after much research and scouring the second hand market

we placed an order with Peugeot for a L4 H3 Boxer (Biggie Small). Despite factory closures, by

some miracle our van arrived from Italy in June where we added some security features prior to

driving down to Vanlife Conversions in Essex from our base in Wales. We chose to work with Oli

and Emily once we decided not to attempt a self build on this van. Primarily we wanted to keep

the feel of a bespoke, handmade van and after following their company on Instagram for a few

months decided that they were going to deliver exactly that.

We had already decided that Biggie Small was going to be built to enable us for a mix of short

and long term travel. We wanted a way to carry bikes, kitesurfing gear, a paraglider, SUPs as

well as somewhere safe and comfy for our two dogs. Our goal is eventual full time vanlife so we

had a big check list of ‘must haves’.

It took us a considerable amount of time to plan the layout of Biggie Small, taking lots of

inspiration for our layout and aesthetics from van builds across the Atlantic from other vanlifers

such as Trent and Allie and Vanlife Sagas. YouTube and Instagram were crucial for this. These

platforms are what has inspired us to begin documenting and sharing our own journey in the

hope it helps someone else in future. We then made several tweaks and enhancements

throughout the build process to maximise space, or add additional features in.

We’ll let the pictures of the end result do the talking but the highlight features of Biggie Small


● Two single heated seats (passenger on a swivel)

● Shower room with removable Natures Head compost toilet and heating vent

● Lounge area with convertible seating and a slide out table

● Kitchen area which includes an 80l fridge, oven/hob combo and deep sink

● Large fixed bed

● Large waterproofed garage area with external shower

● 360ah Lithium batteries

● 540W Solar

● 12 and 240v electric system

● Victron smart controllers

● Truma combi system for heating and hot water

● Underslung fresh and waste water tanks

● Underslung LPG tank

● All terrain tyres

● Permanent WiFi setup and antenna

● Lots of gadgets for monitoring temperature / security remotely

If you are interested in following our adventures or have more questions about the build then

please join us at We love hearing from other

existing or aspiring vanlifers!

We have also begun documenting some more specifics, and some of our travels on our own


Lastly, in 2021 we will also be releasing a van tour and feature specific videos so you can

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