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The south lakes - Some of our stops!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The south lakes is very popular with campers purely because of the picturesque views it holds.

VIP Stops

The south lakes is home to two of our VIP stop overs which are The Ship Inn located at the heart of Windermere & The Kirkstone Pass in located at the top of Kirkstone Pass.

Check out our full write ups on these venues

Kirkstone Pass

Wild Stops

Our team have found 3 great spots along the edge of Conniston great for campers & tents. The views over the water are outstanding!

Free Parking

There is free parking in the heart of Windermere, parking spaces made larger to accommodate campers and space for 10+ parking.

EHU Stop

If in need of an electric hook up for the night while in the south lakes The Kellbank is perfect. The stop over is free is dining in the venue, well how could you say no!

Pub Stop over There are 15+ pub stop overs scattered across the south lakes so no matter what part you are choosing to visit a stop over won't be far. Many of stops are water side giving you those beautiful views you came for!

Paid Stops

If heading to Kendal there are 2 stops allowing stop over for less than £10 per night, bargain!

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