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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The Campervan Bible is giving away a VW California Ocean Campervan to one lucky winner in our raffle skill competition!

Our VW Campervan raffle was launched in March 2020 and things were off to a fantastic start! Tickets were flying out the door for this one in a lifetime prize. Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened, and as a result of everyone now spending more time inside than out, our ticket sales started to slow.

We initially estimated it would take just a few months to sell out all 10,010 tickets however now the sales have slowed time has passed on.

So, we decided....IT'S TIME TO SET AN END DATE!!!!

The competition will now end on 31st March 2021!!

We have currently sold around 1/4 of the tickets available and, as many of you know, the prize will not be purchased until all tickets have sold. This means that if all tickets have not sold by 31/03/21 a cash alternative will be given to the winner!

There is currently over £20,000 in the prize draw pot which will keep rising in line with ticket sales!

We will be changing one lucky winners year on 31st March, will it be you??

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Dave Walker
Dave Walker

Shame, it’s a fantastic VW Prize, shame it hadn’t sold out!!

Fingers crossed the 3 tickets I have will be lucky 🤞🏻

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