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Awesome! You've decided to illustrate your beloved motorhome/campervan. 
Now, how does it work? 


1. Send us the photo you would like illustrated in the highest quality possible. Email your photo to using your order number as the subject.

2. Choose a colored background or just plain white. 

3. If you want text to be added at the bottom, like a name or country please let us know.

4. Now we can start. 

5. Once the illustration is done we will send you the result to review it. 

6. If you would like some changes, let us know. 


Please send us the highest resolution photo possible so we can get all the details right. Your motorhome/campervan will be illustrated directly from the photo. We start with all the line work, and finish it by adding in the colours. We know a lot of you name your home on wheels, so let us know if you want the name added in text! On average you will get the illustration within a week time. We will keep you posted on the progress.  If you would like something to be adjusted we are more than happy to do so! 


Note: You will get the file only, this way you can choose for yourself where you want to print your image, e.g Canvas, wood, glass ect. 

Campervan & Motorhome Illustrations

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