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Campsites & Pub Stopovers

Discover the ultimate guide to campervan travel with Campsites & Pub Stops - an essential for your next adventure.

What is a pub stopover?


A pub stopover is exactly what it sounds like, pubs that allow you to 'stop over' in your campervan or motorhome.

Yes, your dream has come true! You can wobble out of the pub and straight to your bed when staying at a pub stopover. 

Pub stops can also be a great way of breaking up long journeys, staying close to certain visitor attractions, meeting locals and a haven when in need of a hot meal.


Is there a charge?

Majority of pub stopovers are free to use however, this is mainly on the assumption that you are a paying customer, although there is usually no set amount to spend.

Some venues will charge a fee for staying the night which is then given back to you in food vouchers.

Other stopovers may charge a set fee for spending the night, this is usually the case with pubs that have a campsite attached or offer facilities to campers. 

We strongly support purchasing food or drinks from the venue if you plan on staying the night. This helps to keep pubs open and accepting campervan and motorhome stopovers. 


What facilities do pub stopovers offer?

Facilities offered by pub stopovers can vary from one to another. Do not assume that because a pub allows stopovers that they also service all needs too! 

It is becoming quite common for pubs to now offer electric hook up, fresh water, waste disposal and other services at a small charge. 

Generally, a pub stopover will have a hard standing car park and access to toilets during opening hours.


As campervans become more and more popular in the UK pub stops have now started to add in additional services to accommodate campervans and motorhomes helping to bring tourism to their local areas. 

How do I find a pub stopover?

Our team have created an interactive map listing thousands of pub stopovers across the UK! 

We have also included campsites for when you need a freshen up and wild spots for the nights you fancy a walk on the wild side.

We didn't stop after the UK, our maps cover Europe and USA too!


What to know before I go?

Here's a few things to know before you go...

CALL AHEAD - Always call ahead before visiting a pub stopover for the night. Pubs can often change hands so its best to check information hasn't changed before travelling, many venues also hold functions which could mean they cannot accommodate you on a particular night.  

CHECK SERVICES AND PLAN AHEAD - If you are not fully self sufficient on board and require services such as toilets, electricity or waste disposal check if the venue offers the service before travelling so you can plan ahead.  

NO ENTITLEMENT - There has been a myth floating around the camper community for some time that if you sign up to certain books apps or maps you are 'entitled' to stay at the venue for free without making a purchase. This is FALSE and we cannot stress this enough. It is solely the venue owners decision on which basis stopovers are permitted. When a stopover allows you a space for the night its important to remember that this could be filled with another customer. 

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