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Best Camping stoves of 2018

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Fancy a cuppa and a bite to eat? A decent camping stove makes all the difference on camping trips, so we’ve picked six of our favourites

After a waterproof tent and a warm sleeping bag, a decent camping stove is probably the one most trip-enhancing bit of kit you can take camping. A stove will allow you to cook up a proper meal when night falls and then start the next day with a comforting cup of hot coffee.

Put simply, a camping stove is just portable hob, meaning that anything you can cook on your hob at home you can cook outdoors. But there are so many shapes and sizes (and prices) of stove on the outdoors market that picking just one can be pretty confusing. Luckily we’ve got a high performer for every occasion and budget in our top six picks.

The best camping stoves to buy

1. Campingaz Party Grill 200 Stove: Best for cooking for your mates (group of 4-6)

Price when reviewed: £48 - Buy now from Leisure Outlet

The perfect marriage of barbeque and portable stove. If you’ve got a whole gang of mates camping together the surprisingly compact Party Grill will live up to its name, allowing you to grill, griddle or pop a pot on top to cook up a stew or boil water. The piezo lighter makes it a doddle to light, and we especially like how easy it is to erect, dissemble and store – all the components pack away neatly inside each other for transportation. There’s also a 400 model (£77.99) with a nifty wok as a lid and a larger 600 (£114.99) ideal for bigger groups.

Key specs: Fuel: Campingaz CV Plus valve cartridge (propane/butane); Time to boil water: 4 min 18 sec; Burners: One; Weight: 2.84kg

2. MSR Windburner Stove System: Best for wild camping (group of 1-2) Price when reviewed: £102 - Buy now from Elite Mountain Supplies

A bit of a cult favourite in the backpacking community, MSR’s efficient Windburner means business, even in terrible weather. The enclosed design protects the burning flame even in rain and wind, boiling water so fast that MSR claim no other stove can match it in 12mph wind. Fast boiling means efficient fuel consumption – a win win out in the wilderness. All components are beautifully designed to pop inside each other like Russian dolls, taking up minimum space in a backpack. The Windburner is small, though, so only suited for cooking up basic food for one or two people. One for multiple day trips into the wilderness.

Key specs: Fuel: MSR ISOPRO (propane/butane); Time to boil water: 2 min 45 sec;Burners: One; Weight: 432 g

3. Outwell Jimbu Portable Gas Stove and Grill: Best for family camping (group of 4) Price when reviewed: £58 - Buy now from Camping World

A versatile two-burner for a very decent price. Outwell’s Jimbu is brilliant for family camping trips, as having two individually controlled burners gives you tons more scope for cooking up more interesting meals than one-pot wonders. One of the burners doubles up as a grill, making it easy to barbeque or to whip up a round of toast in the mornings. The windshields are study and effective the integrated drip tray makes the whole thing quick to clean. A no-fuss option that’s perfect for a week of camping with kids, although you’ll need to take plenty of spare EN417 gas cartridges.

Key specs: Fuel: EN417 gas cartridges (butane); Time to boil water: n/a; Burners: Two; Weight: 3kg

4. Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 Portable Stove: Best for camping on a budget (group of 1-3) Price when reviewed: £15 - Buy now from Mountain Warehouse

Hands up - Campingaz’s Portable stove isn’t the fastest to boil water (a rather lengthy 5min 25sec) or the lightest or smallest stove we tested. But it is an absolute steal at a hair under £15. This good quality, well-performing stove at a very pocket friendly price is a great choice for camping newbies, low-key weekends spent outdoors or just for making a cup of tea when out gardening. There’s a Piezo ignition, a handy carry case and the whole thing is sturdy enough to take bigger pans with no wobbles.

Key specs: Fuel: Isobutane mix; Time to boil water: 5 min 25 sec; Burners: One; Weight: 2.5kg

5. Primus Onja Duo stove: Best for posh nosh (group of 4)

Price when reviewed: £90 - Buy now from Cotswold Outdoor

Who knew camping stoves could be this pretty? The extremely slick Primus Onja is a joy to use as well as to behold. The two burners that hide under a wooden lid that doubles up as a chopping board can be fired up with most gas canisters, making it easy to grab more fuel on the go. The sturdy burners themselves are a pleasure to use, although it did take us a few goes to find the sweet spot to avoid burning your dinner when your back is turned. The Onja packs up into a bag you can sling over your shoulder – perfect for a family feast on the beach.

Key specs: Fuel: Duo valve – fits most valve gas canisters; Time to boil water: n/a; Burners: Two; Weight: 3kg

6. Vango Roar stove: Best for weekends away (group of 2-5) Price when reviewed: £70 - Buy now from Vango

A lovely all-rounder. The Vango Roar is small enough to work brilliantly on solo camping trips but big enough to allow you to pop a large pot on top. Use it to cook up dinner for friends and family or take it along on a group expedition. It looks rather small out of the box but large sturdy legs and pot holding arms fold out quickly, transforming it into a surprisingly large stove. There’s a Piezo igniter for ease of lighting and the whole thing boils water fast enough to contend with posh backpacking stoves. An all-purpose winner worth spending a little extra for.

Key specs: Fuel: Butane propane mix; Time to boil water: 3 mins; Burners: One; Weight: 585g

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