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Eco-friendly and upcycled van conversions

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Hi there,

We are Yasmine and René, owners of the page and of new small van building company Recycle Inn. We have been building vans for 4 years now. It all started with our first van that we built and lived in New-Zealand for a year. We are both trying to be as eco-conscious in our daily habits and lifestyle so when we decided to convert our first van it was obvious that we would try to use as many reclaimed materials as possible. Our first van was a L1H1 Nissan Caravan made out of upcycled materials for 90%. We used a lot of pallets, old furniture and interesting retro objects to make it look quirky. We just loved the results and the cosy vibe it brought to the van. It really felt like a cocoon. We then got asked to convert a few more vans when we were still living abroad.

When we moved back to Europe we decided to up our game and convert a bigger van to be able to have a fixed bed and more comfort : we converted a L3H2 and it felt like glamping compared to our former van. We traveled to Spain and Portugal until lockdown happened in March 2021.

Since then we are converting vans for others full time. Beyond traveling in vans, we also love converting vans in eco-friendly ways : we enjoy the challenge of looking for second hand materials and repurposing items to give them a new life. Using second hand materials allows to minimize the impact on the environment but also give each van its own soul and a different twist.

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