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Mercedes dream camper conversion

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

A new sprinter Mercedes van conversion

Our Dream van conversion finished December 20th 2020

Built by my girlfriend Mae Kilanowski 23 and myself aged 26 (Carpenter) jevon gregory.

We had been traveling the world (Australia, Asia, spent past Christmas in India) and found our self back to our home country to then be stuck in England due to covid.

We then decided to buy a van and covert in our eyes the worlds most homely and comedy camper on the market.

The van includes...

fiber optic star ceiling with remote for colours and modes

Solid oak flooring along with oak architrave worktops and table.

It has memory foam mattress with our bespoke crafted Bost like shelf's. With bungee cord and leds with Bost windows,

Pioneer 2000w sound system with another sound system in rear doors

Wifi internet.

Vintage oak flooring with kitchen leds.

X2 showers with built in unique bathroom.

1m pull out solid oak table

Heater hot water gas for cooker

Hand made kitchen by us

Hand made drawers shelves

Imported Mexican sink

Hand made plate rack

Dometic awning

Seat covers

Drop down outdoor table

2 burner hob with oven

Nothing was bought in this van all made in our mums back garden rain or sun for the past year.

We are not sure weather to sell it or keep it at the moment but would like £48000 if was to sell it.

We bought a van to convert into the best homely comfy camper on the market with star ceiling and oak interior it gives a 5 star touch!

We living in a caravan in our mums back garden, we then decided to buy a van,

I had some tools left over from when I was working as a carpenter before we went traveling.

The reason why we converted this van is because we got stuck in England due to covid. We staying in india ( Varanasi ) last Christmas and decided to come home before covid when everything was normal, and good job we did. We now have a sprinter that is amazing!

We would like to make another van in the next couple of months while we are still living in a caravan, it's hard to see this van sat in the garden and while we are in a caravan hehe.

We are a pair of green natured travelers who love high spec campers and have the design ideas for lovely interiors. We hope to go further with our ideas this year!

Jev and Mae



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