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Pembs Coast 200


Explore the beautiful Welsh coast with some of the world’s best beaches, historic castles, and beautiful islands.

It is our mission to inspire your UK adventures and show you just how many beautiful spots we have right on our doorstep! What better place to start than Pembrokeshire – where this vision began!

For those in search of the perfect road trip, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re escaping for a romantic break for two, spontaneously setting off with your pals, or venturing on a family holiday, there is so much to explore in this breath-taking location.

Who better to ask than CaravanCloud’s expert team - who know Pembrokeshire inside out! We have carefully put together a route that will show off our scenic coastline and open your eyes to the abundance of attractions in the area.

We have suggested a three day trip but don’t be afraid to take your time as there is plenty to see and do! Why not do it over five days? Or in reverse?! Make the trip your own. The Pembrokeshire border is only a 30 minute drive from the end of the M4 – so there really is no excuse!

As day 1 is the longest stretch of the trip, we would recommend starting early, in order to pack in as much as possible!

Day 2 is the shortest leg of the trip; however it is still packed with beautiful scenery, interesting architectures, and unmissable havens.

Day 3 You made it! The final day of the trip. But don’t sign off too soon - North Pembs has so much to offer making sure you end on a high.

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