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The Leave No Trace Seven Principles

Wilderness England are committed to the principles of ecotourism. They work very hard to ensure their engagements with local communities, wildlands and wildlife are positive.

To help others they have created this handy guide pointing out the seven principles of

'Leave No Trace'.


1 - Plan ahead and prepare

  • Before you go, check, where possible, if access is allowed and your activity is permitted in the area you wish to visit.

  • Respect any signs, regulations for the area that you wish to visit.

  • Where possible travel by public transport or share cars; consider the availability of parking.

  • Ensure you have the skills and equipment needed for your activity and to cope with emergencies that could arise.

  • Check the weather forecast and always be prepared for changing weather conditions.

  • For environmental and safety reasons, and to minimise your impact on other users, keep group numbers small; split larger parties into smaller groups.

2 - Be considerate of others

3 - Respect farm animals and wildlife

4 - Travel and camp on durable ground

5 - Leave what you find

6 - Dispose of waste properly

7 - Minimise the effects of fire


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Download the handy guide here

Download PDF • 782KB

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