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The Ultimate Camping Breakfast Sandwich

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Our team have created a recipe for the ultimate fake-away! An absolute winner in any camp especially if you've sunk a few round the fire the night before!


English Muffins

Cheese slices


Sausage patties (In the freezer section of supermarkets such as Aldi & Tesco)

Or Bacon if preferred



Cut the muffins in half and place cut side down in a hot pan to toast and heat the muffin through.

Once golden brown remove from the pan and add a cheese slice (or two) on the bun while its hot to start the cheese melting.

Add the sausage patties to the pan and fry to package guidelines. Once cooked remove from pan and add to the muffin. If using bacon follow the same steps.

In the same pan add a little oil to fry your egg. If using this method at home eggs can be done using a microwave in an oiled mug for 20 seconds, showing the classic muffin we are all a custom to!

And voila! The ultimate breakfast sandwich, and all in one pan!

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