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Magic Fire! A great way to get back to nature, but with a little modern chemistry thrown in (literally), this block of combustible material produces a terrific show of colours when it burns on a campfire.

Turning the flickering orange flames to red, purple, green, blue and pink. And the effect isn't just some flash in the pan. One sachet of Magic Neon Flame will burn for up to 40 minutes!


When it’s time to unleash your inner Harry Potter, reach for our Magic Neon Flame Sachets!


Perfect for campfires, bonfires and fire-pits, the Magic Neon Flame Sachets are a superb way to add a little wizardry to your campfire!


  • Magic Neon Flame Sachets
  • DROP UNOPENED: on fire watch the vibrant colors. 
  • Flames burn through red, purple, green, blue and pink
  • Effect lasts for around 40 minutes
  • Outside use only 
  • Not suitable to be handled by children


Product Safety & Danger DO NOT OPEN SACHETS

  • Causes serious eye damage.

  • Causes skin irritation.

  • Harmful if swallowed.

  • Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Magical Flames

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