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Vanolarm - Van Alarms


As well as designing Vanolarm to be one of the most comprehensive Van alarms & tracking system in the market place we also built it with the users pocket in mind. The self installed nature of our system isn’t only convenient, it also saves £100’s when you consider the added cost of a 3rd party, generally needed, to install a hard wired systems. There’s no need to lose 1-2 days income either whilst your Van is fitted out as Vanolarm can be self installed in just 10 minutes!



Why choose Vanolarms Tracker + Van Alarms?


  • 6 x Levels of Security

Vibration sensors, Noise Sensors, Geofencing, Wi-Fi fence, Door sensor & 115db siren

  • Stop The Thief Fast!

Instant alerts to your phone of a break in or theft attempts via Text, Call & App 

  • Track Your Stolen Van

Van stolen? See where its going on your device via the live tracking App

  • Deters Break-ins before the damage is done

Clear visible labels, Pre-warning alert horn & Piercing siren alarm PRIOR to entry

  • Can NOT be conventionally ‘Key Hacked or Key cloned’

Preventing 93% of modern vehicle removals/thefts methods instantly

  • Superb Value for Money

No costly monthly tracker  Subscriptions!

At least 50% less than our nearest like to like competitor

  • Peace of Mind

With 1000’s of system sold here in the UK, we still have no reports of a single loss of a vehicle protected by an active Vanolarm system. (Reported Theft figures as of 29-09-2022)


What's in the box?

1 x Smart Alarm GPS Unit
1 x Audible siren door sensor units
1 x Secure online control App access
1 x Control Key Fob
1 x Self Adhesive large Velcro pad
2 x Self adhesive install pads
1 x Small Alarm fixing in/out sleeve
1 x Magnetic door contact unit
1 x User Manual (Paper copy)
1 x Online access to support/install videos
1 x Installation accessories
1 x FREE 3in1 USB charging cable

1 x FREE EE Sim (inc £10 credit)

( Key fob and self adhesive pads are included when extra alarms are selected)


UK postage only


  • If you chose to protect your vehicle simply using Vanolarms Audible alarm units, there is no need for a sim card.

    However Vanolarm has ultimately been designed to be one of the comprehensive smart van security systems in the market. As such the GSM/GPS tracking and alarm reporting utility of Vanolarm requires the need for a sim card in order to protect your vehicle to the highest degree possible.

    Vanolarm systems now include a free EE 1p sim card with £10 credit included. 

    Please note, if you choose to use a 3rd party sim then certain protocols are required. The sim must have 2g functionality, must have GSM (call), SMS (text) and Data functionality. Some Sims may need the APN setting up also (which of course we have instruction of how to implement). Please note however VOIP/VoLTE only sims will not function with Vanolarm. 

    For more information please visit our FAQ's

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