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Skill Raffle - Postal entry

To enter any of our raffles for free via postal entry simple follow these steps......

1- Fill out your full name, address and email address on a piece of paper.

2- Answer the raffle question on the same piece of paper.

3- Post your entry to us (you will need a stamp!).- PO Box 690, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE5 9DP, stating the competition you wish to be entered for on the front of the envelope.

4- You will receive your raffle number 1 day before the raffle is drawn by email.

Entry Limits -

* A maximum of 1 postal entry is permitted per person and/or household. 

* There is no limit to the total amount of accepted postal entries for each competition.

* Postal entries will receive their raffle number via email, the day before the raffle is drawn. 

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