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Hi all got a recommendation for this group - just finished My minicamper Berlingo van off to Looe area fishing looking for overnight camping parking up or car parks - any advice very welcome 🎣🤞

Gerry Wood
Gerry Wood
Jun 15, 2022

Hi, I live in Looe... as in bang in the middle! its heaving with tourists. I assume you don't want full on campsites. Main Car Park is the MillPool, it says no overnight but if you are quite discreet you would probably get away with it. tempting to go up to Hannafore, long road on a beach, again one night and discreet you should.. be ok both those places have Toilets, and you can get water there. On the way into town opposite the petrol station there is a lay-by, again, be discrete and go by at least 9 am. Id rotate round those there. Dont bother fishing off Hannafore beach, I was Coastguard there for 21 years, never saw anyone catch a fish, entrance to the Harbour, left side as you sail in, is White rock, i'm no fisherman but I did see people catch stuff there.. plenty of Angling boat trips. Finally see Photo, I crashed there overnight once, Pre covid, so not sure what its like now. BTW Diesel is £198.9 a litre in town!! cheapest place is Morrisons in Liskeard but not by much. I have a Blue mid top VW 4 motion T5 and its painful to fill it :) if you see me, stop and say hello.



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