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Australian campervan travels - Let Your Road Trip Be Full of Nature, Culture, Gastronomy, & Wildlife!

Getting to your starting point

Many UK travellers either land in Sydney or Melbourne via Singapore. Other

stopover options are also available, but that’s the simplest one. Direct flights can be sought,

but they are often expensive. Nevertheless, flying between the UK and Australia is fun.

Statistics show that UK residents visited Australia the most after New Zealand in 2023. What

can be the reason behind this?

Australia offers comfort, facilities, sightseeing opportunities, and activities. If you like the freedom to travel places on your whim, you can indulge in that in Australia, just like in the UK, by hitting the road in a cosy campervan. Now, the question is – where should you go? If you fly to Sydney, you can travel from here to Melbourne by road while enjoying diverse experiences.

You can easily find campervan hire in Australia. Booking your van in advance will be better,

especially if you want to be here during the summer. Before this, let's decide on the route or

the trip. Here are some suggestions.

Jervis Bay

As you travel from Sydney to Melbourne on the road, the urban views will gradually pave

the way for serene coastal scenes. You cross the Sea Cliff Bridge, sitting at 665 metres over

the ocean. Stop briefly to soak in the fascinating views of the hang gliders and recharge

yourself with coffee at a beachfront cafe. Drive south to reach Jervis Bay for white sands,

turquoise waves, cycling trails, bushwalks, and other exciting things. You can also watch

dolphins playing in the bay. Hyams Beach is quite famous here.


Before reaching this spot, you can take a break at Ulladulla to explore curio shops and art

galleries. A detour will lead you to Pebbly Beach, where you can watch kangaroos, lorikeets,

etc. You can visit Moryua and Broulee in this region to gain cultural awareness. Even the

Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba colonies will attract your attention because of their idyllic

settings of bright green hills and deep valleys. Once you reach the coastal village of

Bermagui, the distance to the Mimosa National Park will be easy to cover. The park is known

for wildlife species like swamp wallabies and koalas.


Driving from Merimbula to the twin cities will be exhilarating as you watch the majestic Mt

Kosciuszko and Lake Jindabyne on the Kosciuszko Alpine Way. These places offer excellent

outdoor adventure options, from kayaking and paddling to swimming. If stories of

indigenous culture and immigration interest you, it's the perfect addition to your itinerary.

Art lovers must stop at Murray Art Museum Albury.


You can be here for flora, fauna, adventure, and relaxation. The region abounds in

woodlands, bush, national parks, and wetlands. Food lovers can enjoy the local produce.


Echuca is an aboriginal word for meeting of the waters. It’s a busy port on the Murray River.

The twin towns offer a glimpse of the past through their heritage buildings. Although they

house shops and cafes, you can still feel its bygone age. Some tourists enjoy day cruises

here. However, you can try the bushwalks and other trails for some dry land fun.

On the road from Echuca/Moama to Melbourne, you can visit Bendigo, a recognised

gastronomy destination and goldfield. Indulge in food, take in the mesmerising views, and

leave for Melbourne, which is only a short drive from here.

Author-Sujain Thomas is a freelance content writer and blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about Travel, Automobile, Real estate and about home decor and home improvement.

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