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How to Create the Perfect Campervan Golf Trip

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Avid golfers everywhere know that there’s nothing quite like playing on the perfect golf course, in the sunshine, as a way to escape the stresses of modern life. Well, what if that irreplaceable experience was combined with journeying the open road in a campervan road trip?

If you want a sense of freedom and adventure in some of the most picturesque and enriching corners of the UK, then a campervan golfing excursion can be just what you need.

The UK boasts a wealth of stunning destinations for golfers, from the rugged links courses of Scotland to the manicured parklands of England and Wales. Whether you're a seasoned pro with years of experience under your belt or a weekend warrior who enjoys the occasional game of 18, a campervan golf trip promises an unforgettable experience.

Yes, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, we know. However, that shouldn’t dissuade you from packing the clubs and letting yourself get lost in a sea of green, both from a golf course and the scenic hills that the British countryside offers in spades.

In this article, we'll explore how to create the perfect golfing getaway in the UK with your trusty campervan.

Planning Your Route

The first step in crafting the perfect campervan golf trip is to map out your ideal, optimum route. Consider the regions you'd like to explore and the golf courses you want to play, and see how feasible it is to complete in the time you’ve allotted yourself. 

England boasts 1,872 registered golf courses, with 560 in Scotland and 145 in Wales (based on 2023 statistics), so it’s fair to say that golfers are spoiled for choice. If you only have a weekend to spare, you are unlikely to tick all the courses below off your list, but you could certainly experience a healthy handful. 

Here are some of the UK's top golfing destinations to consider:


  • St Andrews Links: Home to seven iconic courses and a pilgrimage site for golfers worldwide.

  • Trump Turnberry: Offering breath taking views of the Ayrshire coastline and the iconic Ailsa Course.

  • Royal Troon: A revered Open Championship venue with a classic links layout.

  • The Gleneagles Hotel: A luxurious resort with three championship courses, including the PGA Centenary Course.


  • The Royal Birkdale Club: A prestigious links course on the golden shores of the North West coastline in Southport.

  • Woodhall Spa: Boasting two exceptional heathland courses, including the world-renowned Hotchkin Course.

  • The Belfry: A modern parkland complex - featuring three picturesque courses - that has hosted the Ryder Cup multiple times.

  • Royal Lytham & St Annes: A challenging premier links course with a rich history and a revered Open Championship venue.


  • Royal Porthcawl: A notorious highly-rated links course situated off the beaten track, east of Swansea and west of Cardiff.

  • Celtic Manor Resort: Home to three iconic courses, including the Twenty Ten, Roman Road and the Montgomerie, headlined by an iconic Europe Ryder Cup win in 2010.

  • Clwb Golff Nefyn: A hidden gem offering stunning views of the Llŷn Peninsula.

Once you've pinpointed the courses and regions you'd like to visit, plan your route accordingly. Some courses may have secure, secluded parks or camping spots that accommodate campervans, or at least they shouldn’t be too far out of reach. See what other attractions, sights, and other places of interest you can thread in throughout your golfing getaway.

Preparing Your Campervan

Before hitting the road, it's essential to ensure your campervan is well-equipped for the journey. Remember that vintage campers may benefit by having trips between destinations shorter and more staggered, rather than a consistent multi-hour long haul journey, so bear this in mind too. 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

  • Check the condition of your tyres, brakes, and engine to ensure your campervan is road-ready.

  • Pack essential golfing equipment, such as clubs, balls, tees, and a repair tool kit. 

  • Consider buying some helpful golf training aids if you need to shake off some golfing rust before hitting the course.

  • Stock up on non-perishable snacks and beverages to keep you hydrated and full of energy.

  • Bring along a cooler or small fridge to keep refreshments chilled. If your camper has no built-in amenities or power, these can be lifesavers.

  • Pack appropriate clothing for various weather conditions, including waterproofs, fleeces, thermal trousers, hats, and gloves.

  • Invest in a quality camping chair or portable seating to relax and unwind comfortably ‌after you’ve teed off for the day.

  • If you’re going to be staying at a campsite, be sure to take camping essentials like a stove, cutlery, plates, bowls, bedding, and so on.

Booking Slots and Accommodation

Some keen travellers prefer having complete flexibility and an open diary when on holiday. However, if you plan on golfing at multiple resorts, hotels, and courses, it pays off to book slots in advance. Not only that but aligning them with campervan accommodations can be tricky, particularly if you’re going to be fluctuating between courses and regions daily. 

Remember that many of these golf courses are incredibly popular and spots fill up quickly, especially as the weather gets warmer and peak golf season starts. To ensure a seamless golfing experience, it's crucial to book tee times and campervan accommodations in advance. Campsites and grounds are similarly as popular with families seeking getaways as golfers enjoying their sport, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. 

Here are some tips to make the process of booking spots and accommodation easier and less of a chore:

  1. Identify a short list of courses you wish to play and take note of their booking policies.

  2. Check if any courses offer discounts or packages for multi-day play. 

  3. Book tee times well in advance, preferably several months before your trip.

  4. Explore campervan-friendly campsites or motorhome parks near the courses you plan to play.

  5. Keep a schedule of the times that you need to check in and confirm your stay, and make sure to avoid or minimise potential conflicts.

  6. Consult with courses and campsites about their amendment or cancellation policies, in case you need to adjust your trip on the fly.

  7. Consider taking out travel insurance to protect yourself and your investment if you suffer an injury, accident, or problem that leaves you out of pocket.

Every golfing adventure will be different from the next; the most enriching aspect should be how you get the most out of your voyage. With a little forward thinking and preparation, you can map out a schedule that suits your preferences, allows you to soak up some truly memorable golf experiences on stunning, prestigious courses, and gives you a sense of freedom exploring the open road. 

Whether you plan on perusing the scenic NC500 in Scotland or the winding country roads of England and Wales in between your golf sessions, there is no denying that the UK has plenty to offer a keen enthusiast of both campers and playing 18 holes. You don’t have to plan your itinerary, routes or stays meticulously, but sketch out your proposed adventures just enough to give yourself a schedule that you can feasibly complete.

So, start planning your ultimate campervan golf trip, and experience the perfect blend of sport and adventure, in beautiful UK landscapes.

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