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Become a Moderator, Writer or Editor

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Although our team are continuously on top of content on the site we want to welcome our members to join in too, it is a community after all!


Like all we want to keep the site a friendly place where people feel comfortable to reach out to one another. In a moderator role you will be able to keep on top of threads that have the potential to become 'unfriendly', or contain inappropriate or inaccurate content.


If you love writing blogs, documenting your travels, reviewing places or products or writing manuals and instructions a writer role is for you.

Writers have the ability to add content to the blog, you may also be asked if you would like to contribute to writing content on the site!

You will also be able to see your views counter and likes live, seeing how many people have viewed your content!


Editor roles have the highest control enabling you to remove or pause threads in the forum that may not be suitable and remove members who do not comply with the community standards.

You will also be able to organise the forum editing categories to ensure topics are easy to locate.

To become a Moderator, Writer or Editor email us at

*Gold membership is required to become a Moderator, Writer or Editor, click here to update your membership

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