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British Confidence in Booking UK Holidays: Come Rain or Shine

The allure of UK holidays, often referred to as ‘staycations’ has grown in recent years, with more Brits opting to explore the beauty and diversity of their own country. However, our climate can be notoriously unpredictable, and as such the weather becomes a crucial factor in a holiday’s success. 

Last summer, despite being the eighth warmest on record, it was also notably wetter than average, with a British washout leading to rain playing a significant role in shaping holiday plans of people up and down the country. The weather is always a topic close to British hearts, and is a familiar point of conversation over the dinner table, at work, and even whilst people are out on their UK holidays. 

With Google searches for the term ‘rain’ reaching a new record high in the UK in July 2023, the North Devon based, Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks were interested in seeing what percentage of their audience felt the rain had impacted on their summer staycations, and whether they were more likely to look at holidays abroad instead. They also asked if their customers felt that the rain had had an impact on activities and holiday plans while they were on holiday. 

67% of holidaymakers are still confident in booking UK holidays despite rainy summer 

Below are the questions that were asked in a Facebook poll. 

Question 1: Did the rain dampen your 

confidence in booking a staycation, turning to 

an abroad holiday instead? (YES/NO) 

Question 2: If you were on a staycation this 

summer, did the rain impact your holiday 

activities? (YES/NO) 

The results highlight that from almost 500 respondents, 33% admit the weather turned holidaymakers away from holidaying in the UK, choosing a sunnier foreign country instead. Similarly, 41% admit the rainy weather had an impact on their holiday plans whilst they were away.

Brits are confident with staycation bookings

However, the data suggests that despite the more unsettled weather of July and August 2023 only 33% of holidaymakers felt this governed their holiday decisions. A considerable majority remained confident in booking UK holidays despite rainy weather. So, where do you go to still enjoy a UK holiday?

Devon is a firm British favourite for a staycation. Its South West England location offers a moderate coastal climate, with warmer summers and milder winters, and a variety of options for UK holidays. Lovely countryside to explore, picturesque villages to discover, enjoying cream teas - remember, the Devon way is cream first then jam - and wonderful beaches for families and surfers alike.

Woolacombe in particular, on the north Devon coast, boasts incredible and award winning beaches, with three miles of sands, often compared to Australia's Bondi Beach. This happily allows Brits to take full advantage of a stunning home grown coastline. 

Holiday bookings for 2024 have seen an unusual uptick from Woolacombe Bay 

Kevin Darvill, Sales and Marketing Director at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, shared his thoughts on how the weather impacted stays at their parks last summer.


“Weather considerations were on many holidaymakers’ minds, whether that was scorchingly uncomfortable temperatures around the Med or above average rainfall in the UK. A wetter than hoped for summer did not seem to put a damper on many families’ holidays with self-catering occupancy up 3% on last year thanks to the range of all-weather activities on our Parks, many of them included in the holiday price. Bookings for 2024 are very healthy too so it’s great that people are being optimistic for sunnier times in 2024.” 

Devon offers some of the UK’s best beaches, the draw of some amazing scenery and a favourable micro climate, making it clear to see why there has been consistent demand for holidays into the new year. British holidaymakers are resilient and continue to book UK getaways, regardless of unpredictable weather patterns. As findings here have shown, a significant majority remain confident to choose staycations over foreign destinations. 

There remains a strong interest in exploring the beauty of the UK, and why not enjoy the wealth of opportunities and experiences close to home? The flexibility and price options offered by UK holidays continue to be strong selling points, and whether it’s the allure of Devon’s coastal charms or beautifully tranquil countryside, Brits together with the travel industry can look forward to a future filled with exciting ‘home’ holidays, come rain or shine. 

Credit Chloe Miller 

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