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Keeping Hydrated in the summer

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Okay, we all know to drink plenty during the hotter days but not all drinks will keep you hydrated!

Symptoms of dehydration include: dry or sticky mouth, sleepiness or tiredness, dry skin, and headache.

Any drinks that contain the following will cause dehydration:

  • Alcohol – beer, wine, spirits, etc

  • Fizzy drinks – often have high levels of salt and sugar

  • Energy drinks – often have a high level of caffeine and salt

  • Tea and coffee – typical black tea and coffee with caffeine will cause dehydration – many fruit and herbal teas are OK

  • Milk and dairy – the Whey in milk can cause dehydration

So that’s all the fun drink off the list! But what can I drink:

  • water!

  • alkaline drinks

  • fruit juice from water melon, grapefruit, and celery

  • coconut water

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