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Leila the Beach Club on Wheels!

Hi everyone,

We are Paul and Victoria, a travel obsessed couple, from the South-East of England.

We have recently converted a 17-seater Transit minibus into a campervan AKA “Leila the Beach Club on Wheels!”. The inspiration behind the theme of our campervan, was the beach clubs of the Mediterranean (that we currently miss so much!) Paul has had some significant health issues over the past few years and because of this we have decided not to fly abroad at the present time. By building a campervan, we can continue our love of travel in a safe and socially distanced way. We are now going to have the opportunity to explore parts of our own beautiful country that we haven’t seen before.

Our campervan has a 12 volt and 240 volt electrical system. There are 3 x 110 ahr leisure batteries, a 3000 watt/240 volt invertor, 2 x 100 watt solar panels, a solar charger that trickle charges the batteries, a split charge relay to charge the batteries whilst the engine is running, mains hook up and 240v electric water heater.

The main body of the campervan has a kitchen area with fridge, removable cooking appliances & wine rack, double bed, 3-person seating area, removable dining table, dressing table(!), bathroom with toilet & shower and roof top sun terrace!

Sending love and sunshine, Paul and Victoria W-B xx

Our website:

Our website:

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