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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Do you have a video tour of your camper? Maybe some epic scenery that you've caught on camera while travelling? A cheeky wake-up call from some nosey animals?

Our video competition is open to EVERYONE!

To enter simply email your video file along with any accounts you'd like us to tag to by 28/02/21. If you have a title in mind and a short description for your video, include that too!

It's then over to our followers to like, share and comment all voting towards the winning video. All videos will be uploaded to The Campervan Bible YouTube channel and, whichever video has the most views by the 28/03/21 is our winner!

Views will be counted from 01/03/21 to 28/03/21.

Enter as many videos as you like guys, there is no limits on this competition!

Not sure if your video makes the cut? Send it in, you could be surprised!

Head over and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out the entries so far!

* Please ensure the subject of your email is 'video competition' and that you own the rights or have permission to enter the video you are sharing.*

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