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10 Best Things To Do In North Devon, England

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Devon is a pretty incredible area of England to explore. It’s one of those counties that’s sometimes bypassed in lieu of its big sister Cornwall, but definitely shouldn’t be. Honestly, there’s just so many amazing reasons to visit and some of the best things to do in North Devon definitely shouldn’t be missed!

Here are a few things you can get up to while visiting North Devon...

1) Become a beekeeper for a day

One of the best things to do in North Devon has to involve becoming a bee-keeper for the day. For me, this was something I was totally excited about, especially as I kinda guessed we’d get to properly guzzle on some of that honey!

After getting kitted up at Quince Honey Farm, you can actually go ahead and have a private (or group) beekeeping session that’s really fun. Thankfully, the gear stops you from getting stung, though the bees seemed really placid and totally calm if I’m honest

Once you’re next to the hives, the gang at Quince Honey Farm tell you all about the bees, how they make honey and you’ll even get to search for the queen… which we found!

Afterwards, pop into their cafe and have one of their scones with a twist. They make the tastiest freshly-baked scones, clotted cream and instead of jam you can actually have the honey from the bees themselves. Honestly, I ate far too much but left totally satisfied. 

2) Explore Exmoor National Park

Designated a national park, way back in 1954, Exploring Exmoor is definitely up there as one of the best things to do in North Devon. Now, the thing that makes Exmoor so unique is its long history, deer and gorgeous landscapes.

Now, there’s ample opportunity to spot the deer in Exmoor by heading out on a guided landrover tour. We headed out with Andrew from Red Stag Safari who explained everything about the deer that we saw, the history of the park and even the wild ponies we spotted.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Tarr Steps. There’s been a history of humans living in Exmoor since Mesolithic times, with the steps (over the river) being over 3,000 years old!

3) See the Valley of the Rocks

Perched around 1-2km from the village of Lynton, the Valley of the Rocks is a dramatic place to see in North Devon. Not only that, it has a pretty unique history that makes this one of the best things to do in North Devon during your trip.

You see, the Valley of the Rocks was formed many thousands of years ago during the last Ice Age. North Devon was at the very edge of and limit of the glaciers moving south from the northern hemisphere. This, along with the erosion from the frosty weather, led to these incredible formations that make this coastline totally unique.

Take a wander around late afternoon and watch the sunset over the valley and cliffs. Oh, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the feral goats… they’re actually pretty cute!

4) Explore Dunster

Just across the border (in Somerset), about 20-miles away, is the gorgeous village of Dunster. Now, I know it’s not Devon, but it’s just so close that it’s well worth visiting during your trip to this region. And truth be told, you’ll be dipping in and out of Somerset quite a bit when exploring Exmoor National Park.

After driving over to Dunster, take a look around the historic Anglo-Saxon settlement, spot Dunster Castle and head over to  Reeves Restaurant that make some of the yummiest food in the region. Oh, and make sure to leave some room for their cocktails… they’re delicious!

5.) Sleep in your own dome

For a unique place to stay, and easily one of the best things to do in North Devon, make sure to check into Loveland Farm. They have the coolest cabins and domes to stay in which was totally amazing and unique

Once you’ve checked in, said hi to the resident sheep, you’re whisked off to your very own pod, equipped with its own cabin, deck chairs and plenty of nooks to relax in. Better still, when you stay here you can arrange for Loveland to bring you over a proper British roast right to your dome… which we did immediately.

It’s so much fun and the pods are amazing to watch the stars twinkling above.

6) Stroll around Ilfracombe

Nestled on the hilly North Devon coastline, Ilfracombe is a gorgeous seaside town to explore whilst in the area. Once you’re here, make sure to explore St Nicholas’s Chapel (on Lantern Hill), see the iconic Damien Hirst statue called ‘Verity’ (that towers over the harbour) and head out onto a guided coasteering adventure.

The whole town is actually really lovely and a great place to stop for a chilled afternoon. That being said, if you do decide on coasteering, you’ll be in for the biggest adrenaline rush!

Oh, and make sure to buy a stick of rock! You can’t go to the seaside in the UK without one!

7) Ride the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway

I’m never quite sure if Lynton and Lynmouth are big villages or a small towns? whatever the case, it’s a place you should definitely stop off in during your visit to North Devon.

Now, you might be confused as to why there are two names for what seems to be the same place? Well, although they’re almost the same place, Lynmouth is actually perched at the mouth of the River Lyn. Whereas, Lynton has perched high above, across the cliffs overlooking the area.

8) Find Hartland Abbey

Exploring Hartland Abbey and Gardens is a gorgeous spot to visit and one of the best things to do in North Devon. Built all the way back in the 12th century, it’s a stunning estate that’s filled with some impressive gardens and rooms you can explore.

Still a family home to this day, it’s a really unique and totally gorgeous estate that’s well worth popping into during your drive across North Devon.

9) Gorge on all the food

Oh, and don’t forget  Barricane Beach Cafe too! It’s nothing fancy but a totally celebrated spot in North Devon and a great place to grab a curry supper whilst the sunsets. Just remember to take cash as they don’t accept cards.

10) Hop on a boat to explore the coast

If you fancy a break from driving, hop on one of the small boats that head out of Ilfracombe and explore the coastline around Brandy Cove, Breakneck Point and Smuggler’s Cove.

Oh, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of the locals! There are loads of seals, dolphins and porpoises that call this area home. If you’re really lucky, you might even see sunfish (though, these are very rare).

Credit and a huge well done to Hand Luggage Only for their amazing blog on North Devon

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